Optimising the ROI of Sales Team Performance Improvement

29 Oct, 2012
Posted by: 
Adam Thorp

Demonstrating ROI on sales effectiveness improvement initiatives is often challenging but new research from CSO Insights  shows its capabilities.

Data from an annual survey of 1,500+ companies highlights examples in which companies could point to high double-digit percentage increases in sales per salesperson after implementing a new training program and other examples where performance remained flat at the pre-training levels.

The report shows those companies that were at the ‘Dynamic’ level who had distinct and deliberate attributes to their approach and focus, were able to demonstrate:

  • 71% of salespeople achieving their quotas compared to 63% of ‘Level 3’ organisations
  • Increased win rate of forecast deals of 56% compared to 50% of ‘Level 3’ organisations
  • 84% of salespeople that are actively using the sales skills they have been taught consistently as they pursue new deals compared to 52% of ‘Level 3’ organisations

This ROI demonstrates that continuing to invest in sales training in not only an option, but a must for strong sales results. The key is to ensure that the funds that are invested ultimately help move the revenue dial. If you are going to invest in training, then serious thought needs to be given to how to make those new sales skills stick once salespeople go back to selling.

The training must itself be strong but it’s ultimately what happens post-training that really counts. Huthwaite’s research found post-training reinforcement and embedding to be vital in genuinely changing behaviour, bringing consistency to your sales team and fundamentally improving sales performance. One strategy amongst many for ensuring such post-training reinforcement is sales leaders within the organisation’s ability to act as coaches, ensuring methodologies and strategies taught within the training are implemented and adhered to with rigour. 

For further detail on Huthwaite’s strategies for post-training reinforcement and evaluating ROI on sales training, please refer to our Evaluating Sales Effectiveness white paper.